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Ideas are driving me crazy!

by Davis Ketterer

On Manic Repressive the world gets a very limited peek inside my head. The current online projects: Seven, Storytime Fridays, Heirs, Opus 3 (Honest to goodness I’m working on getting that put up) is a small sampling of what has already gone through my head.

I’ve written many stories before those that’ll never see the light of day. Sometimes I think back on them with some amusement but  mostly with relief; I got the story out.

One of the bigs one was…it’s been so long I don’t remember the name of it!

 But it had Stanti (pictured) as the main character. She was a soldier in the imperial army in a country/land/world-whatever, that made it illegal to be a woman. So she dressed up as a man and moved up the ranks to eventually help defeat the insane emperor. That story was the first long one I had to get out of my head. Once I managed to write it out (and I do mean write, not type), I lingered on it for a little while but then moved on.

You see, I constantly have a stream of stories running through my head. I write down the gist of the plot to refer to at a later time so I can clear my mind enough to try to get my current project done. Problem is, I have a pile on my list and all of them are chomping at the bit.

Let me try to explain.

It takes time, you know, it takes time to get a story out. It takes time to figure out the whole plot, craft the characters, construct the scenes, and then actually write it all out. Sometimes I wish that was all I had to do, but it’s not. Like most of you, no, like all of you, I have a life I have to attend to and it is always begging for time. I need time to make the meals, to eat the meals, to pay the bills, to plan the birthday surprise, to cut my fingernails, to clean up vomit–whatever, anything, everything! And like all of you, I only get 24 hours in a day.

Anybody wish they had more hours in the day?

I don’t. I don’t think that would solve my problem anyway. The more time I have allotted to me the more life swoops in and pecks at it.

If I get anything written or drawn it is because I have forced it into the day. And I force it into the day everyday, somehow, someway.

Sometimes dinner isn’t cooked, it’s raw. Raw celery is hard to take but , hey, I needed the time. Sometimes the toys stay scattered because I need the time. Sometimes the movie was missed because I need the time. Sometimes the mail stays in the box, the cell phone runs out of battery and dies a miserable death, the laundry piles up and up, and sometimes I forget to turn on the computer at all because I needed the time.

Is it worth it? Stealing snatches of time here or there to pick, pick, pick at a story or a picture that I dump in a box when I’m done and scurry on to the next one?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s imperative. If the stories are left untold they eventually curl up in a corner of my mind and vanish. And bit by bit a part of me, that I’ve always enjoyed, will die. So I rush to finish them but I swear time is shrinking.

How is it that the older you become the days of the week drag past but the months roll along and the years run?

Let’s see…there’s Seven–thank heaven she’s already done. I’ve had her written out since the early 2000’s and I got the pencils done last April. Each week I spend some time slapping ink and flats on a page…there’s Opus 3–that’s written and even drawn, though I am reconsidering drawing more elaborate pictures. If I can get around to it. It’s on the back burner due to sound…there’s The Problem with Hope which has totally been stopped because I switched off to… Swirled  is done writing and I have a few pictures for it but I want to add a voice for an audiobook…Cassandra Parker was started, had a pretty good start, but was put off because…My children requested a story from me and I wrote The Sugar Thief. That short story finished but it was so enjoyed and so enjoyable a task that I began the continuation which is where I am currently stuck.

Can I sit down and just write it out? Sure can, but rarely do I have a ‘just sit down and write it out’ day. There is freelance comic book work to do, small but very time consuming, a family to take care of, lessons to teach, and sleep to obtain.

But the stories are all there shouting now but soon to be quiet…

Cassandra Parker, Partime Detective, The Problem with Hope, Ben and Venus, Pharmland, The One, Total Rebellion…

Ai! I forgot Moonman and Kimbi’s song! They are written and waiting to be drawn.

How will I get it all done?

Bit by bit. Crumb by crumb.