Narrowly Escaping Escapism



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Kerris Wagner has decided to get married to the woman most perfect for him: Brooke Collins. He is certain she will have him, he need only introduce himself to the vastly successful model, turned sci-fi actress and propose. What better place to propose than at the San Diego Comic Con?

But the proposal doesn’t happen. Things go all wrong, thanks to a self proclaimed vigilante, Madeline Finkland, who is really just a librarian with a bad attitude. Kerris is poised to propose at the next Comic Con, believing nothing could go as wrong as it did the first time. So Kerris is quite shocked when there is an attempt on Brooke’s life and he’s the prime suspect…with Madeline as his accomplice!

“Narrow” is a romance novel dedicated to comic fans and those most comfortable living in impossible fantasies. May you live long and prosper with the Force, by Thundarr!


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