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Mr. and Mrs. Hundal

Meet the Hundals, brother-in-law and sister to Mr. Sonu Bingham. Not much is known of these characters other than Mr. Hundal’s interest in entertaining himself and enjoying the foods around him and Mrs. Hundal’s loving support of her younger sister, Kiran Bingham.


Dee Bennett

Lidia “Dee” Bennett is the youngest daughter in the Bennett Family. She is 29, yet still very self-centered as she is a successful career woman, unmarried with no children. She loves a man with a good set of pipes and goes to concerts, big and small, when she can.



Charles “Boss” Collins, self made man of (small) fortune. He owns stores galore, all over…West County. And he wants to personally help the Bennetts ┬ábecome millionaires…and possibly become one also. He is a man with a plan and the contacts to back it up. Just call him “Boss”.


Lionel Darcy

Music producer turned movie producer, Lionel Darcie, thirty something, single, and the catch of the town. Though sought after by many he is reticent and private. He is looking to create meaningful yet entertaining films. He is not looking for love.


Elizabeth Bennett

Here is Elizabeth Rosalind Bennett, star of Swirled: a Pride and Prejudice Story. Liz to her friends and family. She’s 35 and single and quietly looking for Mr. Right (but not overtly, you understand, a girl’s got her pride). Her pride has a long list of what Mr. Right must consist of, but, unconsciously, at the top of the list is BLACK male. She doesn’t have a problem with other races, but she does have a problem with other races having a problem with her.