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Dee Bennett

Lidia “Dee” Bennett is the youngest daughter in the Bennett Family. She is 29, yet still very self-centered as she is a successful career woman, unmarried with no children. She loves a man with a good set of pipes and goes to concerts, big and small, when she can.


Elizabeth Bennett

Here is Elizabeth Rosalind Bennett, star of Swirled: a Pride and Prejudice Story. Liz to her friends and family. She’s 35 and single and quietly looking for Mr. Right (but not overtly, you understand, a girl’s got her pride). Her pride has a long list of what Mr. Right must consist of, but, unconsciously, at the top of the list is BLACK male. She doesn’t have a problem with other races, but she does have a problem with other races having a problem with her.

Coming at the end of August 2017!

Coming at the end of August 2017!

A new book by Davis Ketterer, Swirled: A Pride and Prejudice Story. A modern interracial love story.

The protagonist of the book is Elizabeth Bennett, Liz, a 35 year old black woman, proud of her situation in life but desirous for companionship. Lionel Darcie being white is not something Liz can easily get past, especially after learning of the deplorable treatment with which Mr. Darcie treated Reggie Wickham, a handsome, black singer.

As seen in the above test cover, the characters have been changed rather radically. The story is set no longer in the English countryside but the American Southern suburbs with all the diverseness thereof.

Over the next few weeks the characters shall be introduced one by one.