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A Full Introduction to:

Khozos is a fantasy trilogy created by Joe Ketterer.

Story: There raged an intergalactic war between several planets that span all over the universe. They led a chase to the planet Khozos where they stranded one another. On terra firma, The Allfather, a great spiritual being, manifests himself as two giant translucent hands to stop the war and tell all of the species to get along from that point on. Since they’d destroyed one another’s technology, everyone had to build a new civilization from scratch.

Thousands of years later, the descendants of the survivors have completely forgotten that there was ever anything but the planet Khozos. As technology advances, they find evidence of the long lost war amongst the stars.

Astro-archeologists are created. They are people who go into space to sift through the rubble and wreckage to piece together the histories of all the people on the planet.

That’s all the backstory of the series. The story was broken up into three books:

Book I follows Buck Halisson and his crew as they try to find a particular treasure.

In Book II, Buck’s son, Harris, is introduced and learns a new path, different from his father, that will be needed due to the discovery his father made at the end of the first book.

Book III takes Harris to war in his new role.

The story has been put on hold and is currently under reconsideration and alterations. But here are all the sketches Joe did for character concepts and ideas.

Main Characters:

Buck Halisson: Astro-archeologist and captain.

Aracea/Besh: Ship’s medic/cleric. This character went through a bit of a transformation as she was originally the romance interest of Buck. Turning from “Besh” to “Aracea”.

Ffisher: The ship’s thief.

Rex: Wizard aboard the Harlequin. Khozos’ technology is a mix of mechanics and magic.

Listy: Ship’s elvin mechanic.

Cod: Original medic/cleric aboard the Harlequin. Dies in the first comic. Full comment written is “COD A medic without a future”


Methusela: The half-gnoll fighter. Fagan was dropped, as seen by the giant x.

The Ship’s Logo, the Harlequin

There is a rival astro-archeologist that features prominently in the first book, Hal, who was a centaur. Though Joe drew Hal countless times, none of the sketches were clear. But here are the rival crew members.

Carter Haliss, the great-great-great-great-great…etc grandfather of Buck Halisson.

Buck’s half-orc son, Harris

And here are a lot of character designs of the inhabitants, various kinds, of Khozos.

Some finished art:

Buck and his crew:

Hal and his crew:

Alternate cover pics:

Montage of scenes in the story:

And various character shots:

Before the first comic came out there was a prequel starring a gang of children that discover the true origins of their civilization from an amused old person. The scene started with the children playing a game whose meaning they had yet to learn. Joe completed one page of the story and decided it would be best to jump straight to the story where alot of the action was. Here is the sole page of the “Round Boom” game. It was a game that showed all of the cultures knocking one another to the ground, one by one.