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Coming Soon! (Or Soonish…)

by Davis Ketterer

Soon is a very relative word. Soon could be as soon as tomorrow or soon could be in a few years. It really depends on how badly you want to get something done. Life will certainly stop you from getting too far too fast if you don’t dig your heels in and say, ‘Now wait a minute! When I said Tuesday, I meant Tuesday! Even if that means I don’t sleep Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday!’

How often do you say that to yourself? Yeah, me neither. Still, I do try to make deadlines and I do try to stick to them.



It has been on the table for awhile. It’s a short story with spot illustrations. We’ve been trying to get audio production to go with the pictures, but the files size was off and everything ended up either not loading because it was too big or being fuzzy because it was too small. And now that its been so long that I want to redo all the pictures of the entire book!

On the plus side none of the characters have changed. They have looked this way from the very beginning,

But the scenes change bit by bit. For instance,


And yet still I would like to back it up and redo the background more intricately. It’s all highly influenced by Indian architecture and I admittedly have to practice alot more. So, you’ll just have to have patience with me. Deadline TBD.


Swirled: a Pride and Prejudice Story

It is the next romance story set to come out at the end of August. It has its own page, for more detailed info go here. There’ll be more information coming out each week and an excerpt posting within the next month.



As you see this is in the preliminary stages of development. This is the proposed Daddy Bear. Joe Ketterer is working hard on other projects (namely BLOW UP THE OUTSIDE WORLD) and this is the next project on the roster. This will be a short series of children’s books featuring a family of teddy bears having adventures together. Tentative launch of early 2018.



This is a sci-fi graphic novel reimagining of the book of Jonah by Joe Ketterer. Here are a few throw away pages that have been drawn up and discarded due to…well, he just didn’t like them. But they give you an idea where he’s trying to take the story. He says he always liked the story and thought it would lend itself well to the sci-fi genre.

Some initial Jonah sketches…

Here’s hoping he can get it done in the next year or so.